Press Release: Cooperation with marpinion

17 Apr Press Release: Cooperation with marpinion

Retail Barometer© in the pharmacy market: Better cooperation in all relevant distribution channels

With the Retail Barometer© in the pharmacy market benchex GmbH presents a management tool for optimising the cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and trading partners.

To this end, the processes of all top manufacturers in a product category are evaluated by the trading partners. benchex uses benchmarking to determine the fields of action per manufacturer, so that they can optimize their processes and marketing activities based on direct feedback from the target group. All distribution channels are covered, mail-order pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, cooperations and stationary pharmacies. The feedback from stationary pharmacies is provided by marpinion GmbH as part of a partnership.

“Through transparent and independent market feedback, we provide manufacturers with a management tool with which they can react directly to specific or structural problems – in all four sales channels: stationary pharmacies, cooperations, pharmaceutical wholesalers and mail-order pharmacies.

benchex is specialized in the topic of interfaces between brands and trade and through the partnership with marpinion we can offer a unique product which is unparalleled in terms of breadth and depth of data”, says Marco Fechner, Head of Sales & Marketing at benchex GmbH.

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