Benchmarking: Franchise Satisfaction

Germany: Telecom enterprises improve collaboration with franchise partners

Manage Franchise systems better with the benchex franchise barometer©

What we do:

  • Benchmarking: we asked franchise partners of 4 large telecom franchise chains in Germany for their evaluation: how is partnership with headquarter managed and what´s the importance of individual competences? 
  • All touch points between headquarter and franchise partner were analysed in a app. 40 question questionnaire
  • We had more than 350 participants which allowed us to derive evidence based conclusions per brand/ system.
  • benchex identifies competitive advantages and disadvantages per franchise system and provides concrete action plans which aim at improving collaboration at brands´ Nr. 1 touchpoint with consumers: their local presence in franchise stores.

How you benefit:

  • Concrete action recommendations aiming at tackling competitive disadvantages 
  • Transparency on own as well as competitors´performance – best practices can be identified 
  • Positive signal: your franchise partners are assured that you care – in a multi channel environment
  • Recruiting new partners: show and prove that you care and that you understand that franchise is a partnership
  • Sustainability: benchex Franchise Barometer© was created to analyse both: status quo as well as developments over time. 

The brands we analysed in Germany:

Our objective: improved partnership for more joint success in partner channels

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