benchex is looking for people who want to work for us

We are looking for an UK Country Manager – read more here. 

1. Entrepreneurial challenge

We are an extraordinarily successful and dynamic company, which is an ongoing challenge. If you are enticed by the idea of creating something new and being a part of it right from the beginning, we are the right company for you.

Every day, we have the opportunity to create something new and define our own goals. This provides you with the kind of freedom that none of the larger consultancy firms can offer.

2. Atmosphere

We work incredibly hard, but wehave fun with it. Consultancy is tough and we can, at times, work long into the evening. But, if you’re in the right team, this is less of a problem. We are, therefore, looking for people who not only possess the excellent analytical skills required for this job, but who also know how to have fun. As consultants, we interact with each other in an open and friendly manner. We cultivate non-hierarchical communications in which everyone can contribute their opinion.

3. Opportunities for development

Rapidly growing companies offer great opportunities for development. With us, you will have the opportunity to develop freely.

If you join us, this means that we believe you have the potential to take on responsibility in the short to medium-term.

There are so many good reasons for working with us. We look forward to hearing from you.