Retail Barometer© in the Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) Market in Germany

  • 350 participants from all sales channels (e.g. MOH, Buying Groups, MSD etc)
  • Evaluation of collaboration with 13 leading brands
  • 2 step evaluation: Online questionnaire (app. 45 questions) – then telephone interviews
  • 5 brands actively work with benchex Retail Barometer© results – aiming at better results with their retail partners

Retail partners are asked to provide feedback about their collaboration with all 13 top brands. Five of these brands are benchex clients and benefit from comprehensive analysis of their brand individual performance.

The assessment covers all interfaces, i.e.: all areas in which retail cooperates with industry (sales, trade marketing, customer service, supply chain etc)

The comparison of the competition calibrates feedback and makes it more manageable than stand-alone feedback would be.

benchex identifies competitive advantages and disadvantages on brand level and derives concrete measures which aim at better collaboration.

The feedback from retailers is analysed on whole market as well as channel and (depending on sample size) account level.

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What can we do for you?

We have proven expertise…

  • …in your sales channels
  • …in performing benchex Retail Barometer© in a range of different industries and countries
  • …in generating actionable Retail Insights – we are the leading experts in improving retail collaboration in non food industries.

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How you benefit:

Benchmarking and transparency

Retailers provide feedback on all relevant top brands.

Comparison with your competitors calibrates your performance (just like with market shares) – Benchmarking.

We identify your competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive feedback

benchex analyses all relevant touch points between brands and retailers:

  • Sales
  • Trade Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing (e.g. does it generate traffic?)
  • Category Management
  • Strategic Business Relations

There are app. 40 questions in the questionnaire

Results are clustered e.g. on channel level ( vs. brick-and-mortar): this aims at identifying your performance on channel level and serves as input for and monitoring of your channel strategy.

Actionable results

We recommend concrete measures which are first internally discussed by our clients (brands) and then turn into action in cooperation with retailers.

benchex identifies drivers of your performance and detects the (few) concrete potentials.

benchex thus provides a documented communication platform for brands´ cooperation with retailers.

Joint project with retailers

Brands participating in benchex Retail Barometer© invest in improved collaboration with retailers – which has a positive impact per se.

Retailers invest time in the questionnaire and expect brands to work with the valuable feedback they provide.

benchex clients profit from the “Good Will” and the concrete agenda – they know which topics are important to retailers and which other topics shouldn´t be prioritized.

Long term: we analyse developments

benchex Retail Barometer© is a long term initiative – regular feedback from retailers show developments of brands, topics etc.


Find out what we do and why the benchex Retail Barometer© improves your day-to-day processes with retailers.

Be convinced: learn more on examples of other companies successfully participating in benchex Retail Barometer© from different industries as well as regions.