Shopper Insights Lab©

We use market feedback to help you develop your strategic measures

We developed the benchex Shopper Insights Lab© to support brands better in their marketing strategies and, therefore, avoid expensive flops.

This is why we involve both the consumer and the retailers in the development of better strategies. This way, brands can optimise both the sell-in of their strategies (e.g.: displays) to the retailers and the subsequent sell-through – i.e.: selling to the consumer.

Focus groups and workshops are at the heart of the Shopper Insights Lab©. These coordinate with each other and are conceptualised with different participants in such a way that alternatives are repeatedly improved and requirements optimised to the target groups.

When auditing brands, we follow the Consumer Decision Journey purchase decision model.

Your benefits

You avoid erroneous trends

  • Strategies are discussed with the retailers and consumer target groups as early as during the developmental stage
  • Retailers are involved in the development

Your target groups are involved

  • You receive important results from the feedback submitted by both consumers and retailers
  • You indicate to the retailers that you appreciate their appraisal and marketing expertise and wish to incorporate it in your decisions. This way, you create the ideal conditions for mutual marketing

You achieve immediate results

  • When the Shopper Insights Lab© is concluded, the most ideal solution based on market feedback is apparent